Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 18:32 shuvammax Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

CENTAURIFY in a nutshell:
Imagine if TicketMaster was built on a blockchain, with NFTs representing tickets. 100% traceable, impossible to counterfeit, and programmable re-sale conditions that protect both the consumers and the event host.

Centaurify - Tokenizing tickets with NFT & smart contract technology. Your Live Event & Music NFT Universe. With fiat on ramps as well as a music NFT marketplace!

We allow organizers to mint their own NFT-tickets, setting their rules of the smart-contract tokenomics to reward themselves, their artists & their audience on every transaction on the secondary market.

- We allow organizers to set maximum re-sale price to prevent scalping.
- Organizers will secure their audience by using Centurify. NFT-tickets are 100% traceable and are impossible to counterfeit.
- Artists gets fixed 2% automated reflection on every NFT-Ticket transaction from Centaurify.

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x3abd582AD2221787A5653Bfef2d0A410771a3A39
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=

CLMD (14 platinum awarded DJ) a part of the core team
Team based in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia
Listed at MEXC and CMC today

Website: https://centaurify.xyz/
Telegram: https://t.me/CentaurifyChat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentaurifyBSC
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2022.01.22 18:32 GlowDoge2000 Help! 3 year old system with EZ DEBUG DIMM LED

I’m currently buried in frustration as my system won’t boot now. I bought this computer as a prebuilt unit and it worked flawlessly. This computer came with a Ryzen 5 2600, XFX RX580 4GB, and 8 GB of ram. It was good, but it was time for a few improvements. Over time, I added more upgrades, those being 16GB of ram, an AIO watercooler, and the biggest being a new motherboard. I bought the MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, thinking it would work flawlessly with its RGB compatibility and what not. It worked! Well, sort of. DIMM slots 2 and 4 were recommended in the manual, but i noticed i was only getting 8gb out of 16. Half of it was hardware reserved, which was strange to me. Tried all the fixes i could find, nothing worked. That is, until i switched my configuration to slots 1 and 3. It worked so well for the past two years, and now everything is at a halt. One day when i was doing nothing else but talking to a friend of mine, my system froze completely. I tried rebooting, but i got the DIMM LED from the EZ-DEBUG light troubleshooter. Once again, I try everything i can find, nothing. I tried to reset my bios by taking out the CMOS, nothing. Flashed a new bios with the flashback feature, nothing. Switched the position of the ram to 2 and 4, it worked! Amazing! Well, that is until i saw that more than 8gb was hardware reserved. I use my system daily for school homework, gaming and larger CAD projects, and this was unusable. It was super unusable and slow, but when I went to my bios, I saw 8gb physical memory. I don’t know why this is happening, can someone please help me.. I would appreciate it with all of my heart.
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2022.01.22 18:32 ak47_3 ELEC 221

Does anyone have any good concrete resources to study for ELEC 211. Prof Yan's lectures and videos are very hard to understand and get understanding from. I am looking for a good single alternative instead of scouring resources every week. Thanks!
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2022.01.22 18:32 Familiar_Internet_27 Yall green asf for selling the mega just drop the link for free and stop tryna sell it

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2022.01.22 18:32 elsadman What do you think of the SBA

SBA or Siberian black army is nation is the hoi4 mod the new order what do you think of them to me they seem like communalists
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2022.01.22 18:32 hunt35744 Piss steam boys and girls.

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2022.01.22 18:32 f1ash76 FCD Drumline?

Hey y'all, I'm a high school student in Frisco and me and my family have been big FCD fans for longer than I've been alive. I'm part of the drumline at my school, and I was wondering if the FCD drumline was still active, if/when they'd be having auditions for this year's season, and if they'd even let a 15 year old drum for them. thanks for any and all info <3 DTID
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2022.01.22 18:32 throwawaymamcadd The Primitives- I'll stick with you

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2022.01.22 18:32 Tanner_Monkey this is my latest video I hope you enjoy

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2022.01.22 18:32 flackotacco after crying i got a tiny red dot like these on my face but only one is it going to go away and what is it

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2022.01.22 18:32 SirNikurasuKun Need help about ruling, possibly found a bug

so I was dueling an Invoked Shaddoll player, I play Endymion Pend Magicians.
I had a Jackal King with counters on both itself and on Magical Citadel on the field, the enemy summoned Shaddoll Apkallone and activated its effect, chained Shaddoll Dragon and Wendi onto it, to chainblock Jackal King. So far so good.
However I was simply not asked to respond to either of those things? I wanted to chain my Jackal King to his Wendi as well as my facedown Time Pendulumgraph to get rid of his Apkallone (which was targeted by Dragon), wasn't given the option to (I did not turn anything off) and lost the duel for no reason.

If a bug, where do I report, if a dumb OCG ruling we never heard about in the TCG, what is it? I was perfectly able to negate his Aleister the Invoker before. Yes, I had enough Counters on the board, and no I did not negate this turn already.
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2022.01.22 18:32 Tomtheturkey Cool Goldfish ad

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2022.01.22 18:32 FramesbyLloyd How to make an image send only channel?

is there a way to do this with this bot?
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2022.01.22 18:32 Captainmanic China brings back anal swab testing for Covid two weeks before Winter Olympics begin

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2022.01.22 18:32 Dragonwolf67 Who's your favorite character you've made for V5?

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2022.01.22 18:32 RASCALSSS Investigation of Montville Crash that Sent 7 to Hospital Still Pending Since August

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2022.01.22 18:32 indigosumo opentrack cl eye driver

opentrack cl eye driver when trying to make a headtracking setup with ps3 camera I didn't want to pay or pirate the webcam drivers and in opentrack 2021.13 it says they made a standalone driver, but how do you access it?
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2022.01.22 18:32 joaquinsaiddomin8 That’s too bad. Canes drop a second to FSU.

Shouldn’t have played such an awful first half.
What a second half.
Right play to end the game. Not a great shot.
Funny how 10 days ago that was a foul.
Big up to Mario for showing up today.
Hokies on Wednesday. See you then.
Go Canes.
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2022.01.22 18:32 ExoticCarLife [B] [USA-FL] Moment 82mm 2-5 stop VND

Is anyone selling one?
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2022.01.22 18:32 Redditaccount1543354 [WTS] 10 Oz Scottsdale Stackers, $30FV Canadian 80% Junk, 10 Oz generic , 1921 High Relief Key Date MS64 Vam 1F

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Z4q6i7c
59 - 10 Oz Scottsdale Stackers .999 Fine - $275/Each
10 Oz Generic Eagle Bar .999 Fine - $265
$30FV Canadian Junk 80% Silver - **$81/Per $5FV Roll.
1921 High Relief Peace Dollar - PCGS MS64 - VAM 1F Key Date W/True View - $2,300
10K, 14K, 18K Gold Jewelry - All jewelry is cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner so you don’t have to worry about 🦠 germs 🦠**
UnoAerre 18K Gold 750 Italy Earrings - 4.26g - $225
14K Yellow Gold W/Dark Blue Sapphires and Diamond in center - Size 12.5-12.75 - 8.36g - $350
14K Yellow Gold .25ct Diamond Pendant W/ Necklace - 18” Inches Long - 2.33g - $475
14K White Gold 0.21CT Diamond Ring - Size 7.5 - $165
18K White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring - 0.77tcw - Size 7 - 3.95g - $645
14K White Gold Diamond Ring W/Approx .40CT Center Stone - Size 5.5 - $1095
Vintage 18K Bailey Banks & Biddle Twisted Rope Necklace 21” - 30.40g - $1,750
14K White Gold Approx 1.00ct Burmese Ruby W/ 0.42tcw Diamond Ring - Size 5.5 - 2.90g - $1,900
I also have a tray of various 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, pins https://imgur.com/a/CHgNtbW https://imgur.com/a/6eOdxJ7 https://imgur.com/a/Sk8Imrw starting at $10-$45/Each - Pm me which ones you might be interested in and I can get extra pictures, prices and sizes
Willing to work with you, I will consider all trades for any gold or silver, bullion, junk silver, numismatic coins
I accept Zelle, Venmo, PayPal Friends and Family.
$5 USPS Shipping under 8 Oz, $6 for 8 Oz and over, $9 In a USPS SFRB, $15 USPS Priority Medium Box.
•Signature Confirmation $3 (Optional)
•Insurance is also available at buyers expense.
•I pack safely and discretely - All Sales Final
•Prices are subject to change at any moments notice, if error occurs in pricing then purchase is void or canceled.
•Message me if you have any questions.
•All packages will be dropped on Monday or earlier.
•Once I drop the package at the post office I’m not responsible for USPS mistakes or losses.
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2022.01.22 18:32 Savage_166 Can gon feces defeat nick crompton?

Ive had this fight on my mind for some time now ngl who do you think would win?
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2022.01.22 18:32 PinkyWrinkle What size wooden peel for Koda 12?

It makes sense to buy a 12 inch peel but I believe I had previously read that a 13 or 14 inch peel was better. But I can't find where I read that.
Does anyone have any advice on this?
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2022.01.22 18:32 Exact_Opportunity_18 Dead man taken to Irish post office 'in attempt to claim his pension'

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2022.01.22 18:32 prone-to-drift PSA for Btrfs users: do not snapshot your pacman cache.

I was running out of storage today on my btrfs root and did some looking into what was taking space (thanks, Filelight by KDE!). Turns out my pacman cache was 50GB out of my 240GB SSD.
I also use snapper, so just removing the cache wasn't enough. Here's what I had to do to recover the space fast and clean:
how to remove something from all snapshots:

# as root: # go to snapshots dir, turn all snapshots to writeable, delete # the pacman caches pkgs, turn snapshots back to ro cd /main/root/.snapshots for f in $(ls); do; btrfs property set -ts $f/snapshot ro false; done rm */snapshot/vacache/pacman/pkg/ -rf for f in $(ls); do; btrfs property set -ts $f/snapshot ro true; done 
Follow it up with something like:
sudo btrfs subvolume create /main/pacman-pkg-cache sudoedit /etc/fstab # ensure this subvolume is mounted at /vacache/pacman/pkg sudo mv /vacache/pacman/pkg /pkg-temp sudo mount -av # re-process the fstab, getting the new subvolume mounted. sudo mv /pkg-temp/* /vacache/pacman/pkg sudo rm /pkg-temp 
And done. From next boot onwards, your snapper snapshots won't backup your pacman cache.
As a final note, don't be dumb enough to put whole of /root as a single subvolume; you might also want to remove /va files from being snapshotted altogether so they need to be a separate subvolume as well.
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2022.01.22 18:32 SlurpySnailYT can't pick up items

bought a keyboard for my ps4 and when I go up to an item it doesn't say a button to pick it up? how do you change the pickup button? What category is it in for keybinds
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