[Serious] If someone dropped a billion dollars in your bank account how could you be sure you wouldn't quickly start acting like a rich douchbag?

Plus your entire music library on all your devices. You must have your own vehicle, a valid drivers license, car insurance, and be able to pass a drug test. Hit Ricky up he’ll get you a interview. Still in disbelief how stupid U2 are thinking you could bet against the house and win. You both look like the two biggest jackasses in the city of Philadelphia. Congrats! Get ready for the teabagging!

2021.11.30 17:27 70701 [Serious] If someone dropped a billion dollars in your bank account how could you be sure you wouldn't quickly start acting like a rich douchbag?

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2021.11.30 17:27 markkhoi Current Master's student set to graduate in 2022. Any help/advice/review is appreciated! Would like to work in water resources/water treatment sector. Thanks!!!

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2021.11.30 17:27 JamesFratelloBond007 Price prediction November 2022?

Think we can have a stable price above 150€ next year? Since im staking for the longterm.....
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2021.11.30 17:27 ACDCsTNT Leatherface vibes anyone?

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2021.11.30 17:27 Puzzleheaded_Emu_293 Lord Jesus is real god

I know after watching this.. You guys gonna ban me... It's not the good one needs the doctor, it's the sick one! Said Jesus.... People should repent and turn to our God...he is our God... Turn into him before you die.. Because what you see when you wake up is Jesus second comming. Let your soul be blessed... Repent. Ask me any doubt.. I am ready to face for my superior
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2021.11.30 17:27 Ptat1227 The internet situation sucks

Man, I know it is a popular topic on this subreddit but they seriously need to do something about this wifi/internet. Trying to do work in the middle of the day is like pulling teeth because every website takes 2 minutes to load. I can’t fathom why we pay so much to attend yet have absolute garbage amenities.
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2021.11.30 17:27 Happy-Falcon I got flagged as a scooter rider, please help

Hello, fellow 'Roos.
I'll keep it short : I've gotten flagged as using a scootecar when I actually use a non electric bike. I think my sustained speed of 26 km/h caused this.
The email I got sent doesn't say anything about what to do if you've been falsely flagged, it only gave me a link to declare my vehicle, which I of course don't have (I don't even have a driver's license or vehicle or any kind other than my bike).
Your help would be gladly appreciated :)
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2021.11.30 17:27 Cadowyn Potion Seller but It's Ironsworn.

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2021.11.30 17:27 cockyoursluts Slap your cock on her and ill send more kik bukkake_sis THE SNAPCHAT IS NOT HERS

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2021.11.30 17:27 Other-Alternative LAST DAY for written public comment on the Alaskan halibut by-catch issue (ends at 5:00PM AKST)!! There will be a major decision made in two weeks by the NPFMC!

Today is the final day for written comment to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) on the dwindling halibut stocks due to almost entirely Washington & Oregon based trawling fleets wasting millions of pounds of by-catch solely targeting pollack. The written comment section closes to the public at 5:00PM AKST.
There are 4 actions being proposed. Alternative 4 will allow for the most by-catch reductions that comes close to restoring equality in the halibut fishery. There are small, halibut-dependent Alaskan communities facing severe economic impacts because the trawlers are literally dumping their livelihood. Alternatives 1-3 will not likely benefit these communities because they are written in favor of the trawlers. The by-catch limits outlined in them simply aren’t restrictive enough to make much of an impact on our stressed halibut population. In fact, Alternative 1 is just keeping the status quo. The trawling companies are loaded with money, and thus are totally capable of using existing technologies and avoidance behaviors to reduce by-catch without hurting their bottom line. They are very greedy, however, and will take the easiest route possible even if it means Alaskans will continue suffering.
Please leave a written comment today discussing how the reduced halibut impacts you, and be sure to mention that you support Alternative 4. The council also has actively restricted comments since last April on this issue because comments were too “abusive” and “disrespectful” for certain council members (bullshit, I know). *Please be respectful and DO NOT use vulgar or offensive language when writing your comments* because they WILL abuse it to further restrict Alaskans’ rightful voices and opinions.The halibut agenda item is under C2, and you must click the “Comment Now” button next to C2. Here is the comment portal link: https://meetings.npfmc.org/Meeting/Details/2713
If you are unable to write a comment for any reason, please sign this letter today before 5:00PM: Link to the letter. You can also provide oral comments directly to the voting members by signing up this Thursday under agenda item C2 (https://meetings.npfmc.org/Meeting/Details/2713).
Thank you and Happy Commenting!
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2021.11.30 17:27 ThizZuMs The parallels between each Houken fight were done beautifully

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2021.11.30 17:27 human_sample_ Just got vampire cookie today!! Is he worth building or no? I’m struggling on world 10 and saw some people saying he’s good for that level.

Just got vampire cookie today!! Is he worth building or no? I’m struggling on world 10 and saw some people saying he’s good for that level.
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2021.11.30 17:27 dfstock New Update

So if I have a survival world and I want to install the new caves and cliffs update, does it update my world by itself or is there something I have to do?
Any help appreciated!
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2021.11.30 17:27 _W_I_L_D_ Survivor: Nowhere Generation - Round 1!

Hello again - and welcome to the next survivor. This one, for a change, has not been done before, so I'm really excited as to how people will vote.
You can cast your votes RIGHT HERE!
Songs Remaining:

  1. The Numbers
  2. Sudden Urge
  3. Nowhere Generation
  4. Talking To Ourselves
  5. Broken Dreams Inc.
  6. Forfeit
  7. Monarch
  8. Sounds Like
  9. Sooner Or Later
  10. Middle Of A Dream
  11. Rules Of Play
Songs Out:
None, for now

Post time Timezone
10:00PM CET (GMT+1)
9:00PM GMT
5:00PM EST (GMT-5)
2:00PM PST (GMT-7)
8:00AM AEDT (GMT+11)
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2021.11.30 17:27 AndKrem Sending daily gifts to grind 432773166711

IMPORTANT: please only add when you are able to open daily! I live at three stops and send gifts every day to grind for xp (there might be a break between XMas and New Years, cause Family has 0 stops). I only open gifts once in a while (mostly after ComDays or at events) so if you wait for me to open it will take us forever to reach best friends.
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2021.11.30 17:27 KenyaBaxley Just gotta warm up a little bit, you know?

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2021.11.30 17:27 badboy20400 If your game is really dark from the new update

My game was pitch black and i fixed it by deleting all of these files under appdata
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2021.11.30 17:27 CryptoCrunchApp Rap Icon Snoop Dogg Launches Another NFT "Decentral Eyes Portrait Series"

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2021.11.30 17:27 TheShamelessClown What’s the female equivalent of “small dick energy”?

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2021.11.30 17:27 D32bus2020 NSCocoaErrorDomain-257

I have a shortcut for saving expense receipts. If I open it with a picture as input instead, then it won’t ask to take a photo of one. Up until recently it worked fine. Now suddenly whenever I use an existing photo it comes up with the error above. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.11.30 17:27 superadw 🤍🖤

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2021.11.30 17:27 marrecamaluca97 Porn is leading me to a dangerous road and I can’t stop it

First post here and I have to confess, I’ve tried to give up porn for over two years now and I for no reason can’t really stop… and i hate myself for it. Not just for not being able to follow this goal of mine which should be so easy, but for the content of the porn I watch and how much of it I watch. Even during remote work I can’t resist the urge to PMO. My fetishes have become worse and not only that I’ve come across content I shouldn’t have due to my addiction of opening random links that I had to report a bunch of them along this addiction road. All of this has made me super depressed because I can’t seem to stop even when it is causing real damage to my life, my mind and my relationships. I’ve tried talking about it to a friend of mine but it hasn’t worked. I’m afraid for my life because I don’t know what will happen to me if I can’t stop it.
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2021.11.30 17:27 NeverwinterRNO Creative Sushi! - I am not the chef!

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2021.11.30 17:27 Severe_Tank_9038 Triggers

If you quit smoking will things still trigger CHS?
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2021.11.30 17:27 Alarmed_East7432 Who to start?

View Poll
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