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I broke my book :(

2021.11.30 18:26 ThePotatoSlasher I broke my book :(

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2021.11.30 18:26 Spirited_Work_4997 🚀Upfinity♾ - 200k mcap gem with already released NFTs doing its FIRST big marketing push! Get ready for the moon!

Welcome to Fire ❤️‍🔥
The quickest 100X on the market. Let the odds be with you!
24h after launch we will announce about big giveaway 💲
Active devs 24/7
🔥2% redistribution to holders of the coin
🔥4% added to liquidity
🔥5% Marketing Wallet (Marketing all ready started, reddit, twiter)
Anti whale system🐋
❤️‍🔥Max 1 % tokens per wallet and transactions❤️‍🔥
Our token $FIRE is used for burning rocket fuel to the moooon!🚀.
Fire is a new age token fully equipped with utility straight out the SUN! ☀️
🔥Fire! It warms us🔥
It mystifies us
It delights us
and sometimes terrifies us. One thing's for sure: it would be hard to 🔥imagine a life without fire🔥
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x2223e8bCA40cD9eDb033aeb217f911Ba3775345D
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x2223e8bCA40cD9eDb033aeb217f911Ba3775345D
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x2223e8bCA40cD9eDb033aeb217f911Ba3775345D#readContract
🔐Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR🔒 https://deeplock.io/lock/0x72226b0a9df8f1e571d18c7b335ddd5aef2b5c35
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2021.11.30 18:26 juicadone POT Grapes 2 plants 2 gorgeous looking phenos, day 34F

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2021.11.30 18:26 chanidax The 2021 surge in inflation: A look at sticky prices

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2021.11.30 18:26 fullmetalbunny_ Any kind words for a drunk gal? 🥴

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2021.11.30 18:26 Sum1StoleMyName Looking to buy a boot punch press for a ski patrol, any recommendations?

Like the title says, looking to buy a boot punch press for a ski patrol. Anyone bought one themselves or have any insight on brands or where to purchase? I feel like a lever actuated machine would fit our needs better than a vise grip style. Thanks!
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2021.11.30 18:26 dover_oxide We aren't monsters, just vampires.

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2021.11.30 18:26 HeffleyA The ENTIRE Bee Movie script written in Unown as requested by u/xX_not_good_name_Xx (part 2)

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2021.11.30 18:26 Lower-Fold-6134 Googly eyed bun

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2021.11.30 18:26 Jusuff_ A Demon encased in a shell

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2021.11.30 18:26 Due_Platypus5370 How do I hide my depression better?

I don’t really have a lot of friends. I don’t have money for a therapist. My issues are way too complicated for the free therapists in my town (students that provide therapy under supervision). My best friend has said it’s a burden to hear about depressive thoughts all the time, so I stopped talking to them about it. Now my partner has asked me to “fake it” and says that that will make it better. So how do I hide my depression better? I know it won’t go away, but I just want to keep it in so that other people like my partner, best friend, and kids don’t have to be burdened with my depression. I don’t want them to have to deal with it anymore. So I how do I be a good partner, friend, and parent, and stop letting my depression impact those around me? All I hear is that you’re supposed to talk about it and that will make it better, but it’s not. I’ve done therapy (the free kind that’s available to me) for years and I’m still depressed and now those that are closest to me are tired of me talking about it, so I need to be able to hold it in better.
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2021.11.30 18:26 belkiamine $32, YANTU Portable Air Compressor Heavy Duty Dual Cylinder Tire Inflator Kit

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2021.11.30 18:26 Simple-War3485 👑 KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬 Liq locked 💰 Active devs 🐬 Active Developers with great community 🚀 Relaunching right now with one of the best solidity coders in BSC 🔮 Don’t miss out on this next big gem!!!

💖 Wellcom to KING DOLPHIN BSC 🐬


All Floki coins must bow to the one true leader,KING DOLPHIN BSC 👑 $KDB

All loyal subjects of the KING DOLPHIN BSC will be rewarded by his majesty, with great rewards given back to the holders of his tokens. 👑

🐬 An amazing lottery feature will give 1 lucky holder huge prizes every week rewarding the loyalty of his noble subjects

🔹Lottery feature:

4% of each buy, and 6% of each sell transaction is automatically sent to the lottery wallet this feature allows for 24H giveaways to holders of the token

💚 Jonh us TG now......

🌎 Telegram: https://t.me/KingDolphinBsc

🔰 Contract is Renounced

🚀 Total supply:

🔥 Burned : 30%

🔒Liquidity Locked

🎯 Tax : 10%


🐳 Anti-Whale Mechanisms

🎯 Pancake Swap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x9def273f10e75e0bf9a00fab58ec88dba9329b9e

🎯 https://www.honeypot.is/?address=0x9def273f10e75e0bf9a00fab58ec88dba9329b9e

🎯 Deeplock: Lock LP

🌟Some of our utilities:

🔹6. Release Our Own Nft Marketplace
Despite us being a Binance Smart Chain project that doesn't mean to say we do not have a future and want to broaden out. In the future we are very interested in making our own NFT Marketplace since we believe the current ones out there are not upto par and have ridiculous fees for their not so great service, we want to make a marketplace with the perfect balance.

🔹7. Release Debit Cards, Using Tokens To Make Purchases.
This is most likely a long to very long term goal, however our plans are eventually to be able to release prepaid MasterCard debit cards which are prepaid via KING DOLPHIN BSC. Essentially you would deposit $KDB into your account, upon making a purchase with the card it will make the transaction using your KING DOLPHIN BSC balance. This is obviously a long term goal for the team and we do not know the most about the partnerships which are/can be made with MasterCard however when we feel the time is right we will begin to work on this project.
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2021.11.30 18:26 ChrisMahoney It’s a Bonkers time paradox man!

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2021.11.30 18:26 mptyvessel Doctors, what would the process be for me to get SSI/disability for my medical condition(s)?

I'm a 39 year old male, 5'8 160 pounds. Muscular, fit and active since my early teenage years, but I've had autonomic issues going on for all of my life and didn't know it by name. I was exhausted in school, had trouble paying attention, didn't sleep well and have never been able to drive a vehicle at all. Family members didn't get why I "just couldn't get it" with driving. I forget street names that I've seen in the same city that we've lived in for my whole life, I don't remember directions well, etc. It's hard to even remember the general rules of the road.
At this point, it isn't really debatable that I've had this for all of my life. It seems more debilitating as I have aged, particularly over the past couple of years while working at a warehouse doing heavy lifting. I have worked since I was able to in my teenage years while going to high school. I can't even get myself up on time most mornings to do something around the house, much less work.
In the past two years, I've been to several cardiologists, an endocrinologist to check thyroid, neurologist, primary care doctors, ER visits, gastroenterologist, ENT doctors and sleep doctors.
I've had a couple of VNG tests, upper endoscopy of the stomach, neurology visits, a couple of MRIs of the brain, CT and MRI scans of the abdomen, endless blood work and tests, etc.
Today, I went to a Chiropractic Neurology Center after all of the other doctors gave me disappointing results. First test was VNG. He immediately recognized my symptoms of literally everything that I've struggled with for all of my life, by looking at my reflexes, skin color changes, anxiety-like reactions, changes in my voice (shakiness), etc. I have dysautonomia/autonomic dysfunction/Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Instead of giving medications (none of which worked for me with other doctors before anyway), they have a state-of-the-art facility that treats the brain and body to help fix the problem naturally instead of pushing symptoms away with mds.
My whole autonomic nervous system is malfunctioning. It affects my sleep (I wake up all night with rapidly fluctuating pulse/blood pressure 24/7), my reading is disturbed and more difficult due to the eye issues seen on VNG, pupils rapidly change in size, circulation is disrupted, digestion is inhibited because the blood is pushed to the extremity muscles, exercise, sexual stuff and every other area of life is malfunctioning. It is the cause of all of the jumps, hypnagogic jerks/hypnic day jerks, brain fog, etc. He asked if I had been to college and it wasn't small talk; he was asking because he knew I would have severe cognitive impairment based on the symptoms he saw. In fact, high school was a disaster trying to stay focused, stay awake in class due to sheer exhaustion and I barely graduated from high school with C-average or worse grades. College was a no-go at all. Of particular note was my choppy inhale/exhale breathing caused by the autonomic issues and he noted that I'm not even breathing properly because of the autonomic issues.
I need to see if I qualify for disability. He agrees that I shouldn't be working like this. I can't even function properly at home, can't drive, can't sleep well, etc. He said he can't write me a note for the social security stuff. He isn't sure from whom I could get a note to seek out SSI/disability for the dysautonomia/POTS.
He also expressed concern that since I'm not working (had a back injury in November 2020 at a job of 2+ years and did get a fairly small settlement of $12K because of the state that I live in - I had a lawyer and resignation was part of settlement), even disability with Medicaid/Medicare won't pay for "chiropractic" care. He is a "Chiropractic Neurologist", but it isn't my back that we're treating, it's the brain and Autonomic Nervous System of the body.
Treatments are expensive. Today along was $325 for a 2-hour session. The VNG test, which they did for free, he said was normalyl $1,200. He said that ideally I need 3 times per week for treatments to start trying to get back to normal like I should have been feeling for all of my life.
Can any doctors chime in on who I could contact on my doctor team to get a letter for starting disability/Medicaid/Medicare?
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2021.11.30 18:26 Johnharvenston Running some forza horizon 5 like always!

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2021.11.30 18:26 ilker_gunayy unut artık öyle birisi yok..usta noluyo bana usta..

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2021.11.30 18:26 ForkedCrocodile Como chamar alguém pra ir no cinema?

Vou chamar uma garota pra ir no cinema comigo ou tomar um sorvete, sei lá. Preciso de dicas de como fazer isso sem causar segundas intenções, vou usar o WhatsApp. Eu sei que é só falar e pronto, mas enfim talvez eu não saiba de algo.
Obrigado por ler.
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2021.11.30 18:26 redheadinabox We shall review the letters from her “son”

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2021.11.30 18:26 little-human99 Should I get a navel piercing?

So I've always considered getting a navel piercing and I think I might get one, but I have a few things that I'm not sure if they would conflict with getting it. So first off, I'm not sure how painful it is to get one so I would be curious about that. My second kind of issue is I HAVE to wear pants for work, and most of them go above my belly button (due to being short) so could that possibly be an issue?
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2021.11.30 18:26 AcadiaVarious1623 My 76 year-old chief scout on his way to Medellin, Columbia to find my next wonderkid

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2021.11.30 18:26 UnknownFigures_ UnknownFigures_ : LEGO INSPRIED NFT ART * UTILITY ON POINT *

unknown figure #unknown
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2021.11.30 18:26 Doggiestyle420 Help simulate a "hemp" extraction

Hello Everyone,
I'm currently simulating a process for my senior project. The process is specifically an ethanol extraction that includes a centrifugal, phase separator (winterization), activated charcoal filtration, and finally batch distillation or rotary evaporator. HOWEVER, aspen does not have cannabis as a simulating option and i was wondering if there is an alternative material like hemp or maybe use a different software. its notable to say that this is also similar to a biomass extraction.
Kind regards,
Ambitious College Senior
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2021.11.30 18:26 FarOpening The

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2021.11.30 18:26 nedenyani High schoolers are weird

Someone made a instagram confession page for my school and gained 210 followers in less than 24 hours. All the confessions are like "i like x" or "i fucking hate y" but then the page admin messaged me and told me who he is and asked if i wanted to be admin too (i asked him to prove that he is who he says he is and he proved) then i said "no but i have a confession too" then said "i know who is the admin" and told him to post my confession non anonymous but after he posted (he posted it anonymously btw even though i wanted him to not) he blocked me from the page and my friend who followed the page sent a screenshot. In the screenshot, there was a post by the confession page. The confession in the post said "i know the phone number of " and this post is anonymous too. I hope they dont leak my phone number but i think it is a bit of threatening because i said i know who the admin is so i think the confesser was the admin and he was meaning like "if you tell others who i am, i will tell everyone your phone number"
I will see him tomorrow and idk what to say him
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